Hazardous Pot Lights

We were called to a house in the City of Toronto for an Electrical issue, with respect to some Flickering Pot Lights located in the front Entrance of the Home. These Pot Lights were acting strangely anywhere from the point of them Flickering, to going on and Off randomly and doing some strange things at the same time.

Upon arrival our Electrician immediately realized that the Pot Lights, did act quite strangely and that they were Flickering and Turning On and Off randomly and on their own without anyone doing anything to cause this.

We started by removing them and pulling them down form the Ceiling quickly finding out that the Pot Lights Transformer was starting to Burn it’s Self out, in turn being one of the Main causes for the Flickering issue.

In addition, to these issues and as we continued to remove these Pot Lights we Found a strange and concerning factor here. Which led us to further investigate and take a closer look as all of the Pot Lights had only one Wire Feeding them although there was a Total of 4 Pot Lights Installed in this particular Area.

The Solution to the resolving the Hazardous Pot Lights:

As we continued to Investigate and look closer at this problem we found that a previous Electrician or Handyman had Installed these Pot Lights with a Tail coming out of the Pot Lights and made open connections in the Ceiling with Pre-Existing Pot light Housings that they left from a previous Installation. As shown in the Images 1 through 4, this is a serious concern and an Electrical Fire Hazard to say the least. We took immediate and corrective actions in order to rectify this issue and resolve any issue of open Wiring and removing the threat of any and all Hazardous Electrical Condition.

We Removed all of the Pre-Existing Wiring and Installed New wiring and Ran the Wires from Pot Light to Pot Light and provided Direct Wiring and Connections to the Pot Lights and Installed them in to the Existing Ceiling Space.

As shown in Images 5 through 8 this is a proper and correct way of Installing any type and kind Pot Lights!

Always hire Professionals as well as Trained people and Staff for any Trade related Work and Especially when it comes to the Electrical Trade it is vital to hire Licensed Electrical Contractors, that will do it right the First Time without any Hazardous conditions or Risk of Electrical Fire Hazards left behind.

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