How to stay Safe from Electrical Hazard in your Home!

There are many possible scenarios where any one of us including a professional electrician can and could become part of an electrical circuit. Results can range from a minor discomfort to actual death by electrocution. You can however, be quite safe when you work on electrical Wiring and or doing Electrical Maintenance, and repairing Electrical Wiring if you follow these guidelines.

Risk of Shock:

  • Never work on any electrical circuit without making sure that the circuit is completely De-energized (Deactivated, OFF, Disabled). You can accomplish this by de-activating the fuse or the circuit breaker. When in doubt throw the Master Switch OFF. If you cannot do that then you know you need to contact a professional.

  • Always pick tools specifically for electrical work-with good plastic or insulated rubber. When you work with them, be sure you are gripping only the insulation.

Safety recommendation:

  • Be sure not to “ground” yourself. Never work on electrical circuits while you are standing on a bare ground or a concrete floor, because the contact with the ground is too good. Always wear rubber soled shoes. Never tackle an electrical job when your feet are wet, or when you are barefoot again, the contact is too good.

  • Always be sure that any lamp or small appliance is unplugged when you work on it. And-if you plug it in to test it don’t be forgetful and leave it plugged while you continue with the repair.

  • Do not use items with cords that are damaged where wires are exposed. Repair or replace the item.

  • Be sure to use electrical products that are “Approved”. When purchasing an electrical item look for the CSA on the packaging.


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