Does a Bucket of Mud & a Gallon of  Paint really get the Job done?

Electrical Short Cuts are not helping you to getting the Project done Faster! Electrical Short Cuts actually slow you down, when you end up having to start all over again. When doing home renovations the last thing that you should be concentrating on, is a nice smooth finish of your Walls, Ceiling and the Paint that will give it that final finishing touch. We see it over and over everyday and we are very concerned about people’s well-being. When you are in the planning stages and/or doing actual renovation work in your home you should be looking beyond the Finishing touches and concentrate more on whats behind and inside the Walls of your home. As the things that you don’t see are the things that can Kill You and/or your Loved Ones. Your primary focus should be on the Plumbing as applicable and if there is any presence and the most important thing should be the Electrical Installation that is inside the Walls of your Home. There is an increase in Loss of Homes and Property Due to Electrical & Plumbing related issues. Before closing up Walls and or trying to get the Job Finished ensure that all of your Electrical Installation is First of all Safe, up to Code and up to todays Specification as Electrical Requirements change every year and everyday.

If you have Aluminum Wiring in your home it is vital that you Replace it and Install New Copper Wiring as old Aluminum Wiring is Dangerous a Fire waiting to happen. Especially if the Installation has been altered and possibly mixed and joint with Copper Wiring. Nevertheless, if you have or have done any of these then you are running the Risk of a potential lurking Electrical Hazard and or Electrical Fire. Putting Yourself and your entire Family and Household at Risk! Always ensure that your Electrical Wiring  and Electrical Installation is up to Code and in accordance with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. Never ever Cut Corners and Don’t Hire Jack of all Trades Master of NONE to fix your Electrical Installation.

Hire the right person for the Job:

Nevertheless, if you hired a Self proclaimed Electrician, Master Electrician, and or handyman without any credentials then you probably have hired someone who is not an Electrician or a Master Electrician. He probably and most likely doesn’t have any credentials whatsoever. The Law states that you shall/and must only engage in a Licensed Master Electrical Contractor. These are the persons that are trained and Licensed to do carry on Business and provide professional Electrical Services & Installations.

For your own Safety and peace of mind ensure that your Homes Electrical Installation is done Right and up to Code. Hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor who can and will do the Job right, the First time and without the Risk of Electrical Hazards.

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