Ice Storm


The Ice Storm that hit Toronto and the GTA, December 20, 2013

The recent Ice Storm of December 2013 is one of the worst storms to hit Toronto, Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Mississauga,  and many other cities and Towns throughout Southern Ontario, with Toronto one of the worst hit Area’s. The ice Storm Downed Power Lines & overhead Electrical Services to Homes and Commercial Properties. 

We have been there with you throughout the Storm, from the First day that the Storm hit December 20, 2013 right through the Christmas Holidays to January 4, 2014 and beyond without taking time off and or spending time at Christmas or New Years with our Families, as we believe in trying to assist those in need of our Services is our first priority.

How we assisted people:

Some of the Services that we have provided some people with are the provision of Temporary Power by Installing Generators, Repairing Downed Services & Service Masts, Power Lines, Broken or Damaged Service Conduits, Meter Bases, & Wiring.

We will continue to assist you and anyone whom may be affected by an ice Storm with Downed Power Lines, Broken Service Masts, or Broken or Damaged Service Conduits, Meter Bases, & Wiring. We remain committed to continue to assist you and anyone else that may be affected by an Ice Storm now and in the future with any Electrical Service requirement that you may have.

Our Promise:

If you or anyone else such as your family and friends have Power Outage issues or are currently experiencing some sort of Power problem do not hesitate to contact us at any time as we are here to Serve you any time of day or night!

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