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Before you even move into your new home consider to have Electrical Home Inspection done. Long before you start thinking of colours for the various rooms and before any other work that you may thing of getting done!

When Buying a New or used Home there are many factors to consider and Electrical is usually not one of the once that first come to mind. Since you trust that it is all in good working order and in good condition.

However, this is not always the case! You soon would realize in some cases that you wish you did consider to have this portion of your purchase Inspected by a professional!

  • New Homes usually do not have many issues or as in most cases none or minor issues.

  • Older Homes on the other hand have many issues and much more than one sometimes has bargained for.

New Homes:

Some issues in Newer Homes are Lack of Circuits and Power Outlets in certain areas of a Home. Insufficient Switches and/or Location of Switches. Insufficient Receptacles in Kitchen Counter Areas and/or Living Areas of a Home. None or Insufficient Receptacles in the Unfinished Area of a Basement. Faulty or defective GFI Receptacles, doubled up Circuits on Breakers, Mixed –Up Breaker Manufacturers in Electrical Panels, Broken or Damaged Ground Wires & Connections.

Older Homes:

Some issues in Older Homes are hidden Wiring & Junction Boxes, Joints & Splices in Walls and Ceilings, Knob & Tube Wiring, Aluminum Wires, Open Connections, Open Wires, Open Switches and Knife Blades Switches in Ceilings & joist Spaces. Reverse Polarity on Wiring and Termination to Switches, Receptacles, Light Fixtures & Electrical Panels as well as in junction Boxes. Missing, Broken or Damaged Ground wires.

Knob & Tube Wires:

Knob & Tube Wires are nearing the (100 year) one Hundred year mark and are now becoming evidently old and brittle with their Insulation breaking apart and falling off the Wires and falling off with the slightest touch and movement on the individual Wires. At which point it is always recommended to remove and replace them. Now a days we always recommend that these Wires be Replaced and taken out of operation. As these Wires are aging and have reached the end of their Life Span. Not to mention the fact, that they do not meet today’s needs and Electrical Code Compliance as well as the fact, that they are not designed to be used in a three wire Electrical System as we are used to, today.

Aluminum Wires:

Plus, Aluminum Wires and Wiring with incorrect Termination & Connections in Junction Boxes, Switches and Receptacle Boxes and Electrical Panels. Also Switches, Receptacles and Splices & joints poorly Terminated and incorrect Termination of Wiring without the use of Nolax Compound on Wires and/or Switches and Receptacles Not Approved for use with Aluminum Wiring.

With our extensive Home Inspection Program we are able to Inspect, find, locate and determine, if there any issues with the Electrical Installation in your Home. Or if you are planning to purchase a Home and need peace of mind in knowing that your New Home will be Safe to Live in, without the fear of any Electrical hazards lurking around and waiting for the day you least expected to cause you grieve.

Don’t trust your Home to just anybody, don’t let the General Home Inspectors, Inspect your Electrical as they don’t have the Qualifications and know how, in how to Inspect the Electrical Installation in Your Home.

Professional Electricians:

We are the Professionals, we are the Experts and are Licensed and Qualified to Inspect all aspects of your Home Wiring & Electrical Installation!

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