Residential Electrical Services

Our Licensed Residential Electricians are able to resolve all of your Residential Electrical Services needs as well as Electrical Repair, Trouble Shooting, 24 Hour Emergency Electrical Service, Electrical Installation, and Electrical Renovations & Remodelling. Throughout the Toronto and the GTA, and surrounding Areas including but not limited to: Toronto, Concord, Maple, Thornhill, Woodbridge, Kleinburg, King City, Richmond Hill, Etobicoke, North York, East York, Scarborough, York, Markham, Vaughan, Bolton, Newmarket, Aurora, Mississauga, Oakville, Oshawa, Pickering, Brampton, and many more! For Areas and locations not listed here, please give us a call, as we are unable to list all Cities and Towns we service.

Our Licensed Electricians are cable to take care of an array of Residential Electrical Repair, Electrical Services range from Small Scale Projects to the Complexity of Large and Full Scale Projects. To our Residential Customers we offer the following Services and much more; Our Services stem from the simple Installation or Replacement of a Receptacle or Switch and Pot Light Installation, Retrofit Pot Lights, New Construction and Remodelling Pot Lights, LED Pot Lights for New Construction, LED Pot Lights for ICT Insulated Ceiling, LED Pot Lights for Retrofitting in Existing Ceiling Space and LED Pot Lights for Remodelling. Plus Chandelier Installation of various types and Sizes, including Large Chandeliers Located in High and hard to reach Ceilings such as Main Entrances, Staircases, Hallways, and Open concept Entrances and Ceilings.

Additional Services:

We also provide Installation of New Electrical Circuits ranging from 120 Volts, or 250 Volts. For Appliances such as Fridges, Dishwashers, Instant Hot Water, Microwave, Coffee Machines, Espresso Machines, Toasters, Rotisserie’s, Cook Tops, Wall Ovens, Kitchen Stoves, and many more, for further information please contact our office.

In addition, we also do Installation of New Electrical Service and Panel changing, upgrading from Fuses to Breaker Panels, including Replacing your existing Electrical Service. Plus Electrical Service Upgrade from 60A/120V-250V to 200A/120V-250V up to and including 800A/120V-250V and Larger.

Plus we provide Electrical Repair, Electrical Trouble Shooting, Short Circuit Repair, Knob & Tube Wiring Repair and Service, including the Removal of Knob & Tube Wires and Rewiring with New up to date and up to Code Electrical Wiring. Our Electricians are also able to Repair broken, damaged, and Burned out Aluminum Wiring and Circuits throughout your home. As well as to Remove and eliminate all or some of the Aluminum Wiring that exist in your Home. Plus and including Electrical Alterations, Electrical Remodeling, Electrical Renovations and Electrical Additions to your Existing Home or Property.


We also provide an extensive and complete rewiring program to a variety of different types and styles of Low and high-rise Residential Properties and Homes.

Our Goal:

We will help you realize your dreams and goals as you envision the Electrical Installation and final appearance to look like when the Project is completed. We can achieve this by letting you make changes and modifications to all aspects of the Project as we progress with the work and Electrical Installation or Renovation. Upon completion of the Project you will end up with a 100% completed Project as you had envisioned it. We would also provide, you with a complete and perfect set of Plans and Drawings, as a perfectly Design Built Project would dictate.

How we can help:

If you are planning on a New Project such as Building a New Home, Construction of a New Building, Residential Electrical Renovation, or adding a New Section or Addition to your Existing Home or Building Structure. Then it would be wise to first give us a call; as we will take on the challenge to help you realize your Dreams and visions. You may need us to aid or assist you by helping you with the initial Design stage of your New Home, Building, or Electrical Renovation. We can assist you to solve some existing Electrical concerns, issues and problems that you may be faced with. Whatever the issue or concern maybe it would be our pleasure to offer you, some recommendations, thoughts, and a possible solution to Planning and Layout of your dream Home. We look forward to working with you on your next Project, Home Renovation, and or New Home.

We will be there with you, every step of the way and we will ensure that your Project is 100% Complete and that you are 100% satisfied with all of our services.


Use the roof of your Home to generate money for you by installing a New Solar Power distribution System and Selling Back to the Local Utility the power that you generate from the Sun.


Below is a List of Our many Electrical Services include the following:
  • Electrical Installation & Service,
  • 24 HR. Emergency Electrical Service,
  • Electrical Wiring & Electrical Repair,
  • New Electrical Service Installation,
  • Service Upgrade from 100A to 400A and Larger,
  • Residential Back-Up Generators of 5 KW & Larger,
  • Power Factor Correction,
  • Surge Suppression & Protection Systems,
  • ESA Deficiencies Notices Correction & Service,
  • Aluminum Wire Repair,
  • Aluminum & Copper Wiring brought to Code Compliance,
  • Inspection Certificates for Insurance Requirements,
  • Home Inspection Program for Home Buyers,
  • Energy Audits,
  • Energy Savings Program Implementation,
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station,
  • Thermal Imaging,
  • Knob & Tube Wiring,
  • Electric Heating,
  • Electric Furnaces,
  • Electric Baseboard Heaters,
  • Hot Water Boilers Installation & Wiring,
  • Landscape Lighting,
  • Ponds Pumps, Filters,
  • Water Falls,
  • Pool Pumps,
  • Electric Pool Heaters,
  • Home Automation,
  • Line Voltage Pot Lights Repair,
  • Pot Light Installation,
  • LED Pot Lights Installation,
  • LED Pot Lights Retrofit,
  • Pendant Light Fixtures Installation,
  • Light Fixtures Installation, Service & Repair,
  • Wall Sconces Installation, Service & Repair,
  • Cove Lighting Installation, Service & Repair,
  • Dome Lighting Installation, Service & Repair,
  • Valance Lighting Installation, Service & Repair,
  • Cabinet Lighting Installation, Service & Repair,
  • Accent Lighting Installation, Service & Repair,
  • LED Tape Lighting Installation, Service & Repair,
  • Chandelier Installation, Service & Repair,
  • High Ceiling Chandelier Installation, Service & Repair,
  • Timers Installation, Service & Repair,
  • In Wall Timer Switches Installation, Service & Repair,
  • Motion Sensor Switches Installation, Service & Repair,
  • Occupancy Sensor Installation, Service & Repair,
  • Wall Switches with Remote Switch Operation,
  • 3 Way Wall Switch with Remote Switch operation,
  • Light Switches, Single & Double Pole Switches,
  • 3 Way Switches, 4 Way Switches,
  • Dimmer Switches, 3 Way Dimmer Switches,
  • 120V, 250V Combination Receptacles,
  • 15A, 20A, 30A, 50A & Larger Power Outlets,
  • Stove & Dryer Receptacle Installation & Wiring,
  • Trash Compactor,
  • Dishwasher,
  • Data Wiring & Cabling,
  • Home Networking Wiring,
  • Telephone Wiring & Repairs,
  • Telephone Jacks Repair,
  • T.V. Cable Installation,
  • T.V. Cable Jacks Installed & Repaired,
  • Telephone & T.V. Cable trouble Shooting & Repair,
  • Flat Panel T.V. Installation,
  • Stereo & Component Installation & Termination,
  • Seasonal Lighting Service & Installation Programs,
  • Christmas Lighting Installation,
  • Christmas Lighting Service,
  • Plus much more….!!!

10KW Solar Power Generating System

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