Power Factor Correction

You will usually get a high Power Factor when you have multiple Equipment and Appliances connected to any Electrical Power Grid or Power Transmission Lines. Then you will end up with what is known in the Electrical industry as Dirty Electricity, High Power Factor and Consumption, KVARS. This kind of Electrical Consumption and Electrical waist is a tool that the Local utilities uses to charge you Extra Fees essentially raising your Hydro Bill and Cost, for Not Correcting as what is known as “KVARS”.

Causes of High Power Factor:

KVARS, Power Factor Correction, Demand Power Load, Harmonics, Flickering of Lights, Power Surges, and Surge Protection, ETC…..!!!! These symptoms are all related and known as KVARS, with a bit of time and by allowing us to add a pre-calculated and sized set of Capacitor Banks.

How to Fix Power Factor:

With a few changes and improvements made to your Electrical Distribution and Equipment we can help you curve the KVARS and reduce the Power Factor that currently Exists in your Building.

Power Factor Knowledge:

Did you know that in some cases you can actually add some Electric Heaters all without having to Pay ONE Extra Cent on your Hydro Bill and it can Help you Lower your KVARS also known as Power Factor.

Let us help you curve these Costly and senseless Charges on your Hydro Bill. We can asses all of your Electrical infrastructure and give you detailed and Exact specifics on what to do and how best to take care of these Power Factors and Correct them with the right Products and Electrical Power Factor Correction Equipment.

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