Industrial Electrical Services

To Our Industrial Clients, we Offer a variety of Industrial Electrical Services, including 24Hr. Emergency Electrical Service, Electrical Repair, Electrical Troubleshooting and much more. We also provide Project Planning, Electrical Design and Implementation, Submission of Plans, acquiring approval from Local Utilities & ESA’S Inspection Department. As well as Design Built Projects and Engineered Plans & Design.

Our Licensed Electricians can also assist you with Electrical Wiring and Repair, Installation of New Circuit, Trouble Shooting of Circuits and wiring configuration of various Circuits and Installation. As well as Short Circuit Repair, Repair of broken or damaged Wires, Rewiring, Alterations and Remodelling of Plants and Factories. Relocating of Electrical Equipment, plus adding and Installing of New Electrical Equipment and Machinery.

Including Electrical Service and Installation of Backup Generators, Motors, Motor Repair, Motor Drives and Gear Reducers. Plus New Additions of Building Structures and Wiring of Existing: Warehouse Distribution, Food Processing Plants, Manufacturing Plants, ETC….!!!

Other Electrical Services:

KVARS, Power Factor Correction, Demand Power Load, Harmonics, Flickering of Lights, Power Surges Protection, ETC…..!!!!?With a small amount of Time we can usually save you a lot of Money with just adding a Set of Capacitor Banks.

Solar Power Generation:

Use the roof of your building to generate money for you by Installing a New Solar Power distribution System and Selling Back to the Local Utility the power that you Generate from the Sun.


Some of Our Services include the following:

  • 24HRS. Emergency Electrical Service,
  • Electrical Installations & Service,
  • Electrical Wiring & Electrical Repair,
  • New Electrical Service to Building,
  • Service Upgrades from 100A/3PH600V
  • up to & including 2500A/3PH/600V and Larger,
  • Electrical Sub-Services,
  • Duct Banks,
  • Three Phase Electrical Distribution Panels,
  • New Electrical Panel,
  • Panel Replacement & Service,
  • Electric Switch Gear Installation,
  • Electric Switch Gear Service,
  • Electric Switch Gear Maintenance & Repair,
  • Overhead Service Repair & Replace
  • Underground Electrical Service Upgrade,
  • Upgrade of Electrical Services,
  • Transformer Replacement & Installation,
  • Back-up Generators,
  • Power Factor Correction,
  • Surge Surpression & Surge Protection Systems,
  • Exterior Building Lighting,
  • Lighting Contactors,
  • Building Maintenance Programs,
  • Building Inspection Program,
  • ESA Deficiencies Notices Correction & Services,
  • Fire Damage Restoration of all Electrical Installation,
  • Communication Cables & Service,
  • Installation of Fluorescent Fixtures,
  • HVAC Wiring & Repair,
  • LED Lighting & Retrofit Solutions for Indoor & Outdoor,
  • New Energy Saving Programs Implementation,
  • Wiring of Receptacles,
  • Replace Plugs,
  • Wiring of Receptacles,
  • 3 Phase 600V Plug Installation,
  • Wiring 600V/3P/3W Twist Lock Plugs,
  • Replace Light Switches,
  • Wiring of Switches,
  • Wiring of Offices,
  • Office Lighting Installation,
  • Lighting Retrofitting,
  • Solar Energy,
  • Pot Lighting Installation,
  • ESA Electrical Drawing Approval,
  • Data Wiring,
  • Network Cabling,
  • Building Automation,
  • Thermal Imaging,
  • Insurance Certification,
  • Energy Audits,
  • Energy Retrofit Programs,
  • Energy Savings Programs Implementation,
  • Multi Vehicle Charging Station,
  • Parking Spaces Vehicle Charging Station,
  • Parking Lot Vehicle Charging Station,
  • Landscape Lighting,
  • Water Falls Pump Repair,
  • Pool Pumps Repair
  • Pool Motors Repair,
  • Air Compressor Repair & Installation,
  • Electric Motor Repair & Service,
  • Electric Motor Installation,
  • Hydraulic Equipment Service,
  • Hydraulic Equipment Repair
  • Industrial Timers Installation & Service,
  • Seasonal Lighting Service & Installation Programs,
  • Plus much more….!!!


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