Solar Power

Solar Power or also known as Solar Energy!

This is achieved by using the rays from the Sun in other words sunlight can be used to create heat to Generate Electrical Energy/Power. This is referred to, as Solar Energy? It is the cleanest and the best environmentally friendly way to Produce Energy/Power. There are NO pollutants emitted or discarded into the environment/atmosphere as some other forms of Energy producing Sources do. It is a Natural and harmless none environmentally polluting source of Energy/Power that is produced in this type of Power Generation. There are no Toxic fumes or pollutants discharged into the atmosphere when producing Energy/Power from a Solar Power/Energy System.

There are two forms of Solar Energy/Power:

One Form is Photovoltaic Conversion, which uses sheets of special materials to create Electricity from the rays of the sun (Sun Light).

The second form is Solar Thermal Conversion, which uses sunlight to create heat which can be used to heat water, homes, hot tubs & pools as well as creating A/C for Cooling.

Use the roof of your Home to generate money for you by installing a New Solar Power Distribution System and Selling Back to the Local Utility. The Power that you generate from the Sun is free with no cost for you and earns you $$$ Money!!!


There are government incentive programs that can help you recover some of the initial cost and ease the installation cost significantly.

The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) through the Every Kilowatt Counts initiative has developed a commercial incentive program. Commercial Building owners and/or tenants can retrofit their building with solar hot water heaters and other electricity saving equipment and receive a rebate from the OPA.

For those who would like to also get into the Water Power Projects, those individuals will have to deal with other terms for such Installations. As the Contract period is increased to 40 years instead of the regular 20 year Contract.

Once you have entered into a microFIT Program Contract, you will receive a fixed price for the electricity you produce for a 20-year period.

The prices paid for electricity produced vary according to the renewable energy source used and the size of the project. The payments are designed to cover typical capital and operating costs and to provide a reasonable return on your investment over the term of the contract.

The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) offers a flexible 20-year term contract that allows Home Owners to generate and sell Solar Power (Green Electricity) back to the Grid at a fixed rate of ¢54.9 per Kilowatt Hour and for Land Owners the rate of return is slightly lower at ¢44.5 per Kilowatt Hour.

Our Staff has taken the necessary steps to educate them self’s and to be able to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge. To properly provide you with Professional Installation & Service, as well as the knowledge to give you the right information and guidance through the necessary steps to assist you from start to finish on your Solar Energy Installation Project.


Solar Power 20 Year Income

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