Aluminum Wiring in your Home!

If you have Aluminum Wires in your home you should consider replacing them with Copper Wires and avoid the Risk of an Electrical Fire or lingering Electrical Hazard. The things that you should know about Aluminum Wires in your home! Is that Aluminum Wires are great Current carrying Conductors, but they are not that safe and should no longer be used in your Home. Consider rewiring your home and have them completely removed to avoid the risk of an Electrical Fire.

Aluminum Wires were widely used in the late 1960’s to the mid 1970, within a period of about 10 years, it became obvious that Aluminum Wires were problematic, not Safe, and a possible Fire hazard. Once the Industry came to the realization of the potential Hazard and threat that Aluminum Wires posed. The use of Aluminum Wires for Internal and inaccessible Electrical Installation in Residential, Commercial or any other type of Building Structure was quickly abolished. These types of Aluminum Wires were now deemed NOT Approved nor Accepted for the use and Installation in concealed or inaccessible Electrical Wiring and/or Installations in Residential and/or Commercial Building Structure.


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