The Hidden Electrical Hazards in an Electrical Service

There are a lot of places inside your home that we can locate and point out Hidden Electrical Hazards. Many times we are faced with customers that don’t realize the seriousness of hidden and lingering Electrical Hazards, Problems, and Defects that may be hidden inside of their Electrical Service.

A broken Meter Bases Down Pipe (Conduit) on an Underground Service does not mean that you can go ahead and just repair the broken Conduit and be done! This actually can be due to multiple factors and reasons! One factor could that the Conduit may have been hit by a sharp object that could have also damaged the Underground Cables in the Conduit. A second factor could be that there may have been a shift in the ground causing the Conduit to Shift and break apart at the same time, which could put enough pressure and force on the Cables break or they could even have been pulled out of their Sockets. A third factor could be that the force that caused the Conduit to break may have Damaged the Meter Bases Sockets and Lugs in which case the Meter Base may need to be repaired or replaced.

Caution is a must when making these Types of Repairs:

Repairing of a Down Pipe/Conduit on an Electrical Service does not always entail of just Repairing the Pipe/Conduit. Many times, we find that in a lot of cases there are other underlying issues, such as a damaged Meter Base, Broken Meter Lugs, Burned out Wires/Cables, and in some cases, the Wires/Cables are also Breaking apart due to poor Installation, Cut Wires/Cables and so on. Our Work may appear and look to be very simple, easy and a quick fix which in the opinion of a customer does not justify the cost of the repair. In fact, there are many underlying and complex situations that are involved with such a repair, and we may not know them until we get into the actual work. These hidden hazards are not known to us until we actually Open up the Meter Base by having Hydro the Local Utility do a Disconnect and Remove the actual Meter from the Meter Base. Once we are able to have a look inside the Meter Base and Cables then we can determine what we need to do, in order to make the necessary and proper repairs. Once we have made all of the necessary repairs and brought things back up to Code then we can have ESA Inspect the Work so that we can have Power restored to the Property.

These are just some of the issues and Problems that we encounter on a daily basis when trying and attempting to repair a simple thing as a Service Down Pipe/ Conduit.

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