The 10 important questions that you should be asking your Licensed Electrician

Hiring Electricians in Toronto? In order for things to get done right, it is very important to have people who can do the job with the highest of standards.

When the time comes to needing a professional, you must be able to make judgments regarding the professional’s ability to start and finish the job. Sure, there are many who tell you that they are qualified; however, if you never check then you run a risk of receiving work that is substandard. Because of this, it is even more important to do your homework prior to having an electrician come to your place of business or home for a job.

When an electrician works on electrical components they need to have hands that are competent enough so that no problems occur like a short circuit or even an electrical fire. You must have someone who can guarantee that the power flow to your electronics and appliances will be smooth.

Also, before hiring any electricians in Toronto, you need to know what a licensed electrician does. Then you will be better prepared with the type of questions to ask.


What Should Your Electrician Do?


A few of the capabilities that a licensed electrician should have include:

  • Maintaining all electrical components
  • Installation of all systems and electrical wiring
  • Electrical repair and prevention

Now that you have an idea of what an electrician is capable of, you can easily formulate your questions around their capabilities. Below, you will see a few questions to ask any electricians in Toronto.


10 Important Questions to Ask Your Toronto Electrician

1. Are you a licensed?
Prior to any electrical work that can be done the electrician has to be licensed. This is required in order to show that they have the knowledge and skills necessary as certified by a legitimate board that regulates all electricians. Ensure that they truly hold a license by calling the regulatory board to confirm its validity.
2. Are you insured?
Ensure that your electrician will have legitimate insurance prior to any work accomplished. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you will not be financially responsible if any accident should occur.
3. What is your specialty?
There are many specializations that electricians can choose. Because of this, you need to ensure that they have done this specialty that you require to be done. You don’t want someone to perform maintenance and the electrician specializes in wiring.
4. What type of training do you have for the work I need to have done?
Having a license does not determine the type of training an electrician receives. This is why it is important that their training matches what you need to have done. It is important that you know if his training is suitable so that quality work can be obtained.
5. How much do you charge and what is included?
It is always a good idea to find out the price for all the jobs that you want to be done. This will eliminate anything from being hidden. This will also give you room to negotiate a price if work is needed in addition to your requested work.
6. Can you provide me with job references?
If your electrician states that he has completed similar tasks in the past, then you need to check the references. This ensures that you will know that others have also been satisfied or not with the electrician’s work.
7. Does a permit need to be obtained?
It is a good idea to check if a permit will be needed for the work to be completed. This information is vital if a major job is to be done like having complete wiring done to a building.
8. Who will be performing the actual work?
You need to make sure you know who will be doing the work you want to have done. You also need to know if any assistants will be present or if the work will be done alone.
9. Do you offer a guarantee?
Being given a guarantee will provide you with the assurance that you need after work has been completed. You need to be given at least the maximum allowed for their capabilities. If further work is required from another electrician to complete the job, the electrician you’ve hired should make you aware.
10. Do you have work samples that I can view?
You should be allowed to see a sample of their work they are currently working on, if applicable. This will allow you to see if their work looks like the quality that you are looking for.
So, What’s Next?
Now that the job is complete you have to keep an eye on the work completed to ensure that the workmanship lasts for many years. If any problems occur shortly afterwards you need to get a hold of the electrician as soon as possible.

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